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Wild Garden

Diagon Alley

Colourful Paper Dragons

In case you’ve got a dragon lover at home these not only act as flying dragons, but can also be adorable baby mobile or can be suspended with strings too! Materials neededPaper (I’ve used @aliciasouza last year’s calendar) or you can use chart or paper plategluescissorspaints! Alright, let’s make ourselves a paper dragon!1.Fold your paper/paper plate in…

Altoids smalls tin - Size : exactly half the size of a business card

Extremely Compact Survival Kit – Altoids Mini

Hhello all you bikers/trekkers/adventurers, DIY lovers and clumsy beings like me!! This is specially for you. An extra mini powerful survival kit that packs quite a punch!!  Its absolutely easy to carry, hardly weighs anything, and you can fit in so much more than you assume. Not just for adventurers, some of these things can be…