Hogwarts Welcome Kit

Branding, Illustration

The whole kit will be handmade to order on request. Will be sitting and, painstakingly cutting, folding, writing and wrapping everything with pure love that one day I will get my own invite to go to Hogwarts! <3

Important part of the personalizations, though the main contents of the letter and some things are printed bearing the same resemblance from the movies, lots of things are also going to be handwritten and personalized beautifully with ties and ribbons.

Contents :
1. Acceptance Letter & Book list (painted parchment color) in a Hogwarts envelope with the actual coat of arms seal and personalized address

2. Hogwarts express & Knight Bus Ticket (1 each)

3. Your very own handmade wand (comes in random between 9.5 to 11 inches max) with genuine Ollivander’s seal and its handrwritten details comes in brown wrapping paper with crepe ribbon (color can change) and owl post stickers!

4. Undetectable Floo Powder bottle with cork string and label (Ministry Approved) – infamously used by Fred and George weasley for nefarious purposes 😛 (hint hint : the bottle will be empty for you to store whatever you want in it 😀

5. A copy of the Daily Prophet full size double spread : size : 11.7 x 16.5 (a3 size like your mint newspaper ) when folded. – there will be a joint in the middle.

6. Miniature Marauder’s Map tied with string and in paper bag with the same seal 3.5 inches in height : Please refer picture.

Link to Purchase: https://www.etsy.com/in-en/listing/459859934/hogwarts-welcome-kit